Home exercise equipment handcrafted for a lifetime

TITAN Multi-Press System is the highest quality, most comprehensive single piece of fitness equipment ever developed! With each TITAN handcrafted, it takes over 130 hours to build each TITAN.

100+ exercise routines with professional bodybuilding equipment

With over 100 different training routines, the TITAN T1 offers a range of possible exercises that will give even the most comprehensively equipped gym a challenge.
In addition to the range of exercises that you would normally expect of fitness equipment of this calibre; bench press, bench press with smith machine, incline press, lat pull down, seated row, horizontal leg press, cable curls, to name a few; the TITAN T1 offers a number of unique features including cable crossovers, decline press and vertical leg press.

Workout for all ages and abilities

The TITAN T1 also features a counter balance system allowing the range of exercises to be performed with assistance including assisted pull-ups & dips. The counter balance feature makes the TITAN T1 ideal for all ages and abilitiies, male or female.

A compact fully equipped multi-press bench

Whilst offering this huge range of commercial grade exercises, the TITAN Multi-Press System is compact in design measuring only 2.2m x 2.5m and requiring only 3.0m x 3.0m of floor space for your own personal fully equipped gym!

World class fitness equipment priced for value

The TITAN T1 is not only the best quality and most versatile equipment available in the market, it is also one of the most competitively priced full body training systems in the world.

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